About Cancer Research UK RadNet Manchester

CRUK RadNet Manchester is a Radiation Research Unit in collaboration with The Christie. Established in 2019 as part of a wider Radiation Research Network, CRUK RadNet Manchester builds upon Manchester’s critical mass of radiotherapy research expertise and infrastructure.

An Introduction to CRUK RadNet Manchester

Discover more about CRUK RadNet Manchester, our seven cross cutting research themes and hear from Director Professor Robert Bristow, and Professor Kaye Williams.

Professor Robert Bristow

Through a series of cross-cutting research themes, Cancer Research UK RadNet Manchester will develop an integrated world-leading radiation oncology programme working towards individualised personalised physical and biological testing based on real-time outcomes and a mechanistic understanding of the tumour microenvironment, immune response, comorbidity and genomics.


RadNet Manchester is also the only member of the UK-wide network with its own dedicated Radiographer Doctoral Training Academy, working to train the next generation of research radiographers, a highly skilled, and in-demand profession.

MR-Linac Instrument



To enable us to achieve our goal, we need to ensure precision treatments and medicines are equitable and embrace the diversity of our entire population. It will lead in the development of cancer precision research using radiotherapy in any and all forms to enable curative and life-prolonging treatments to be delivered to everyone. It will take a One Manchester approach to align the best research across the University, Trusts, and Funders directed towards improved outcomes for Greater Manchester and beyond.


Our aim is to unite the best science with world-leading clinical care by leveraging a synergistic Team Science approach. We will promote interdisciplinary and inter-organisational collaboration in an environment built upon using the most advanced and cutting-edge precision biology and radiotherapy targeting techniques and equipment.


By enabling innovative thinking and creating opportunities for collaboration, we can unite and translate the basic and discovery scientific work performed in state-of-the-art laboratories with novel radiotherapy treatment protocols. These will influence clinical practice and ultimately change patient outcomes in the NHS and worldwide.


RadNet Manchester will support us to develop new radiotherapy technologies to help more people survive cancer, with fewer side effects and a better quality of life after treatment.

Our work will look at how the latest technologies can work in tandem with other therapies, including immunotherapy. In addition, by identifying the biological indicators of cancer success or failure, we hope to increase personalised treatment to patients. In Manchester, many of our patients have pre-existing medical conditions and our unique programme of research will help us to decide on the most suitable treatment for them.

Prof. Kaye Williams

Deputy Director of RadNet Manchester

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Research Activities

Our research activities cover three distinct work packages and four cross-cutting research hubs


Discover how CRUK RadNet Manchester is governed, and how we interact with other centres across Manchester

RadNet Facilities and Infrastructure

CRUK RadNet Manchester benefits from the existing infrastructure and facilities within Manchester across the various strategic partners of the CRUK Manchester Centre.

AHP Doctoral Academy

Providing training and development for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) including radiographers.

Radiotherapy BioAdaption

Radiotherapy plays a vital role in the treatment of cancer and nearly 50% of people receive some form of radiotherapy at some point during cancer treatment.


We offer a selection of highly competitive postgraduate schemes across various specialisms, providing you with the training to become a future cancer leader.