CRUK RadNet Manchester governance is separated over three levels.

  • A Programme Board
  • A Leadership Group
  • An International Advisory Board


The majority of the operational governance is led by a Programme Board, consisting of the Director, Professor Robert Bristow, Deputy Directors Professor Kaye Williams and Professor Catharine West, the Programme Managers, Clare Dempsey and Lauren Hewitt, and Education Lead, Rachel Chown. Together, they shape the direction and delivery of the Unit.


The Leadership Group, consisting of academic directors, scientific leaders, and project managers regularly meet to update about the individual work packages and hubs, ensuring cohesive and aligned research priorities.


Finally, RadNet Manchester benefits from the international recognition and expertise of the members of the RadNet International Advisory Board. They help to ensure research activities have the impact and recognition on an international scale and ensure synergy between other activities across Manchester.


CRUK RadNet Manchester also leverages the existing radiotherapy infrastructure and expertise that currently exists in Manchester, including facilities at The Christie, academic expertise at the University of Manchester, and existing research programmes and activities through other CRUK facilities across Manchester, the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre and many more.

Governance chart of RadNet Manchester. Level 1 supports the hub and work package leads; Clinical oncology and medical physics committee; Training and education committee; BRC patient and public involvement and engagement. Level 2 is the CRUK RadNet Manchester leadership team: Director Rob Bristow, Deputy Directors Kaye Williams and Catharine West, Centre manager Rebecca Elliott, and Education Lead Rachel Chown. Level 3 is external governance and includes the International Advisory board, MCRC Governance and CRUK RadNet Directors board. Supporting the Leadership at level 2 are various partner organisations including the University of Manchester, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, CRUK and other charities, NIHR and UKRI.

Governance of CRUK RadNet Manchester showing how the work package leads interact with the leadership team and other organisations across Manchester.


About CRUK RadNet Manchester

CRUK RadNet Manchester is a £16.5m Radiation Research Unit in collaboration with The Christie.

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