Funding Acknowledgements

Communications Toolkit for Researchers

Increasing awareness of the Alliance and associated funded projects and initiatives is crucial to the program’s success. We encourage you to promote your funded project in your community, please share your news using the following communication guidelines.

Please note: you are reminded of your obligations under the Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) for your project that you will provide the Alliance Executive Board with a copy of the proposed publication or presentation at least 21 days before its submission for publication and provide details of the proposed submission date and journal or event. Please follow the link to fill in the short form on the ACED online community to submit your notification. More information can be found in your RCA under clause 7.7 or contact Karolin Kroese ( or your Centre Programme Manager.


Guidelines for all communications

Acknowledgement of Funding Source: All communication materials about the funded project including, but not limited to media releases, newsletters, publications, websites, brochures, social media, video and radio should include an acknowledgement that funding for the project is provided by ACED.


Presentations or Publications: If giving a presentation or submitting a publication, please include the following acknowledgement:

This work was supported by the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection, an alliance between Cancer Research UK [C ref. /A ref.], Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, University College London and the University of Manchester.

(UK researchers will find the [C ref./A ref.] on their Grant Award letter).

Researchers are reminded that notification is required by ACED 21 days in advance of submission as per the award’s Research Collaboration Agreement as above.


ACED Name Usage: The Alliance should be referred to on first reference as the Alliance for Cancer Early Detection. After first reference, the Alliance should be referred to as either “the Alliance” or “ACED”.


Logo Usage: ACED and its member center logos may not be used without permission. Appropriate logos will be made available upon request via the local ACED Program Manager (see contact list below).


Social Media: Organizations and researchers are encouraged to share about their funded project via social media. Here are a few tips to help ensure your posts are successful:

  • Be sure to tag the Alliance in your posts and use the twitter hashtag #ACEDearlydetection
  • Where possible include a photo or video.
  • Share media coverage about your program tagging @CRUKCamEarlyDx, @UCLCancerECN,

@CanaryCenter, @MCRCnews and @OHSUKnight @CRUKresearch


Approvals: Basic social media communications that adhere to the above guidelines do not need to be approved by the Alliance. If an organization wishes to produce communication materials beyond what is included in these guidelines, seek approval via a local ACED Program Manager.


Please note that CRUK encourages submission of papers to open access journals. Once your paper has been published, do share the link with so we can include this on the online community.


ACED Contacts

Karolin Kroese CRUK
Megan Martin CRUK
Wendy Alderton University of Cambridge
Ryan Spitler Canary Center at Stanford
Martin Bone University of Manchester
Erin Watson OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
Dan Kelberman UCL



Research Themes

ACED Manchester's research is prioritised across three key research themes and several disease sites.

Training and Development

A core goal at ACED Manchester is to enable the next-generation of early detection research scientists to become future leaders.

About ACED Manchester

ACED is a £55 million partnership between world-leading early detection institutes and organisations dedicated to improving the early detection of cancer.