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The University of Manchester is a part of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED). Launched in 2019, ACED is a £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU, University College London (UCL), and the University of Manchester.

The Alliance marks an unprecedented investment in early detection research over 5 years to deliver transformative research and better patient outcomes. The ACED Strategy Overview outlines ACED’s key aims, scientific strategy and primary contacts.

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ACED in Manchester

Manchester has a rich heritage in prevention and early detection research, from the discovery of novel biomarkers that help diagnose and detect cancer sooner, to modelling how cancer develops and understanding the risks that lead to people developing cancer.


Led by Professor Robert Bristow and Professor Gareth Evans, ACED Manchester aims to build on this heritage and leverage the pre-existing strengths of the Manchester eco-system to deliver novel innovations in prevention and early detection research. To date ACED Manchester has been awarded in excess of £4m in research and infrastructure funding with our programme of research spanning three key themes of work:

  • Novel Technology and Tissue Models
  • Risk Prediction and Population Health
  • Molecular and Tumour Biology.


As part of our infrastructure award, we are expanding lung and breast screening to seek those in our community who are most at risk of developing cancer and provide curative treatment earlier. In collaboration with our advanced manufacturing facilities at The University of Manchester, our researchers are investigating and modelling how cancer develops from a pre-cancerous cells to early stages of cancer. We also have a number of funded pilots and projects across a range of cancers including prostate, gynaecological and hepatobiliary, involving all five-alliance member centres.

We are also investing in our future researchers, with ACED funding numerous PhD students to work on novel research across the University of Manchester, CRUK Manchester Centre and CRUK Manchester Institute.

For more information please visit the CRUK ACED Website

I want to see Manchester become the go-to place for risk stratification, prevention and early detection of all the major common cancers. My colleagues have identified new genes that haven't been identified by other groups around the world for inherited cancer syndromes, and this isn't just because of our access to the diverse population. It's because we attract high quality scientists to do the innovative, new research. We need to continue to be world leaders and strive for more, because we can do it.

Professor Gareth Evans

Co-Director, ACED Manchester

ACED Online Community

ACED members can join the ACED Online Community. This website is a one-stop shop of information and opportunities for involvement with ACED, as well as a space to connect with ACED researchers.​​​​ Access is available to any member of an ACED partner organisation.

For access to the ACED online community please contact ACED@cancer.org.uk.


Contact the ACED Team


Martin Bone, ACED Programme Manager

E: martin.bone@manchester.ac.uk


Stephanie Ng, ACED Project Manager

E: stephanie.ng@manchester.ac.uk


Holly Butterworth, ACED Project Manager

E: holly.butterworth@manchester.ac.uk


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