Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement

Patient public involvement and engagement (PPIE) is an essential two-way process that helps us to drive novel cancer research that has been developed together with patients or members of our community. We are committed to increasing knowledge and understanding of our research amongst our supporters and the general public.

We want to develop an environment that welcomes everyone to understand and influence the work we do in the laboratory. Cancer is a global challenge and requires everyone, patients, scientists, doctors, nurses and members of the public to come together and help us beat it.

Dr Joe Mowll-Clarke

Communications Manager, CRUK Manchester Centre

Engagement Activities

Our communications team work closely to deliver a wealth of engagement events aimed at increasing awareness of the research activities taking place in our laboratories and driving the direction of future researchers. Our team work closely with the Cancer Research UK Research Engagement Team and the dedicated Research Engagement Manager for the North to run inspiring laboratory tours and open days, as well as using a variety of other events to increase awareness of cancer research progress in Manchester.


Biannual open days and regular laboratory tours allow Cancer Research UK ambassadors, supporters and fundraisers to meet our scientists and get first-hand experience of our cutting-edge research. Guests can learn about our recent successes and our ambitious plans for the future, and by seeing real research in action are able to appreciate the impact of Cancer Research UK funding.


Away from the lab, we engage the public with our research in creative and collaborative ways. Through involvement in local science festivals, we offer hands-on activities to children and families, often as part of larger science fairs. We have also held public debates – aimed at adults – that give members of the public a chance to meet our researchers and engage in discussion about current issues around cancer research.


Online and through social media we are exploring new avenues to spread the word about our progress in cancer research. In addition, virtual engagement activities enable us to reach a wider audience through exciting and innovative approaches.


Seminars and Events

Discover the range of events taking place at the CRUK Manchester Centre.

CRUK Open Lab Initiative

The Cancer Research UK Open Lab Initiative is a digital tool to help you find your ideal research match – and now it’s available to researchers across the CRUK Centres network.


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