Translational and Early Phase Radiotherapy Trials Hub

The Translational and Early Phase Radiotherapy Trials Hub provides the support and translational research expertise to integrate biomarker science into the development of phase one feasibility studies. We do this in collaboration with Prof. Caroline Dive at the CRUK Manchester Institute Cancer Biomarker Centre, the Experimental Cancer Medicine Team (ECMT), The Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre, and working closely with the other RadNet themes.

At a Glance: Translational and Early Phase Radiotherapy Trials Hub


This hub focuses on integrating biomarker science into the development of phase 1 feasibility trials using radiotherapy plus a combined modality. Leveraging infrastructure and expertise provided by the Cancer Biomarkers Centre, and Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre at The Christie, researchers can drive forward novel radiotherapy combination clinical trials, technical radiotherapy trials and imaging trials that relate to radiotherapy. Standardisation of translational methods across centres is important to facilitate collaboration, data sharing and validation, therefore researchers are working towards standardisation of protocols for sample collection, processing and analysis of cfDNA as an early indicator of radiotherapy toxicity and response.

Projects being worked on in this hub include:

  • The POBIG Study – a flagship early phase study that will test the safety and feasibility of a single fraction radiotherapy pre-operatively in patients with glioblastoma.
  • Bio-CHECC – which aims to develop and test hypoxia biomarkers in women with cervical cancer
  • CRAIN – a Phase 1b trial of a new drug-chemoradiotherapy combination in cervix cancer.


Hear Dr Kamilla Bigos discuss the CRAIN study, a new phase 1b open-label, multi-centre study for patients with cervical cancer

Dr Kamila Bigos in the Oglesby Cancer Research Building

Research Questions: Translational and Early Phase Radiotherapy Trials Hub


By working with other researchers across Manchester, our researchers are seeking to answer key questions that will help improve the translation of pre-clinical studies into early phase clinical trials. Examples of the research questions being addressed through this theme include:

  1. Investigate liquid biomarkers associated with response and toxicity through current and future early phase radiotherapy and translational studies.
  2. Studying liquid biopsies and tissue samples to facilitate rapid transition to national/ international biomarker driven trials.
  3. Identify unique translational opportunities resulting from novel RT protocols.


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