Research Activities

Our research activities cover three distinct work packages and four cross-cutting research hubs and focus on head and neck, bladder, prostate, cervix, lung cancers, along with paediatric cancers and lymphomas. Find out more about the research activities in RadNet Manchester and the academic and project manager teams helping to deliver our vision.

Research work packages and cross-cutting research hubs of the CRUK RadNet Manchester. At the core of RadNet are four research hubs: Proton Biology, clinical informatics, translational and early phase trials, AHP Doctoral Academy. Supporting this are three work packages: Co-morbidity research, radiotherapy and immuno-oncology cell interactions and genetics and the tumour microenvironment and hypoxia.

The three key research work packages and the corresponding cross-cutting research hubs that lie at the heart of CRUK RadNet Manchester.

A matrix of the research work packages and hubs and the disease sites being activated in the theme. Radiotherapy and immune cells - Lung, Bladder & Prostate, CNS, Lymphoma, Head and Neck. Therapeutics and comorbidities - Lung, Bladder & Prostate, Head and Neck. Genomics and TME-Hypoxia - - Lung, Bladder & Prostate, Cervix, CNS, Lymphoma, Head and Neck. Proton Biology -- Lung, Paediatric cancer, CNS, Head and Neck. Translational Biomarkers and Early Trials - - Lung, Paediatric cancer, Bladder & Prostate, Cervix, CNS, Lymphoma, Head and Neck.

A disease site, research work package/ cross-cutting research hub matrix showing the priority tumour sites for RadNet Manchester.

The three RadNet Manchester research work packages aim to integrate biological and clinical data for Manchester patients treated with radiotherapy. The work packages are:

  • Radiotherapy and Immune Cell Interactions
  • Treating Complex Comorbid Cancer Patients
  • The Tumour Microenvironment and Genetic Instability


Supporting the work packages are four cross-cutting collaborative ‘hubs’ for uplifting personnel and maximising clinical impact. The research hubs are:

  • The National Proton Biology Research Hub
  • The Clinical Informatics Hub
  • Translational and Early Phase Radiotherapy Trials Hub
  • Allied Health Professionals Doctoral Academy Hub


About RadNet Manchester Research Activities (PDF, 475KB)

RadNet Manchester 2021 Annual Showcase Programme (PDF, 384KB)


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