Funding Opportunities

ACED Skills and Development Travel Award

Amount: Up to £40,000
Eligibility: Open to researchers at all career stages. Alliance researchers must be part of a named Alliance Member.
Duration: No minimum length, up to 4 months
Deadline: Intent to Submit must be completed by Friday 10th December 2021
Full applications must be submitted by 5pm Monday 10th January 2021

Prior to submission of an application, interested applicants should:

Documents can be downloaded using the links below.

ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Award Advert - September 2021 (PDF, 137KB)

ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Award Guidance - September 2021 (PDF, 778KB)

ACED Skills Exchange and Development Travel Award Application - September 2021 (doc, 265KB)

ACED Acknowledgement Summary for Researchers (doc, 376KB)

Strategic call for ACED Pilot and Project Proposals: Understanding Disease Progression for Early Detection

The ACED Executive Board invites proposals for innovative early-stage collaborative research which explores the following question: Can the early detection of cancer be informed by an improved understanding of disease progression from early pre-malignant changes to consequential cancer?

This call is open for collaborative research projects for:

  • ACED Pilot awards up to £200,000 (approx. $250,000) for 12 months
  • ACED Project awards from £200,000 to £1,000,000 (approx. $250,000 to $1,400,000) for up to 36 months.

Full project applications are invited, there will be no Expression of Interest stage. All applications must include named researchers from at least 2 ACED Member Centres.

One of the great challenges in cancer early detection research is understanding and predicting progression across the continuum of malignant transformation at every stage of the disease. Clinical cancer screening approaches are becoming more available than ever before, and the predictive accuracy of risk stratification tools continues to improve – now, more than ever, it is essential to stratify and predict disease progression toward lethality once a positive result is detected. There is an unmet clinical need to be able to predict which lesions are likely to progress (and so may require more aggressive strategies). This prognostic ability will be crucial in tailoring future monitoring, early detection or interventional strategies, in order to maximise patient benefit and minimise potential harm through over-treatment or unnecessary invasive follow up.

The AEB wish to support highly collaborative research pilot projects into Understanding Disease Progression for Early Detection. This has been identified as a strategic theme for the Alliance and within the context of this challenge area the exact nature of proposals is open to investigator-driven ideas.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the guidelines and application forms (please find in the links below) for each award for further information in the first instance.

To submit an application you must complete a short “intent to submit” online form by Monday 20th December 2021.

Completed applications must be submitted in MS Word format to by 5pm on Monday 24th January 2022.

Application decisions will be announced in May 2022. If you have any questions, please contact

ACED Pilot Award_Application Template_FINAL

ACED Pilot Award_Guidance_FINAL

ACED Project Award_Application Template_FINAL

ACED Project Award_Guidance_FINAL


After completing your application form please send it to the ACED Manchester Team, E:

We strongly encourage you to have preliminary discussions with the ACED Manchester team to help align your applications with ACED strategy. To discuss your application please contact one of the team using the contact details below.


Contact us

For further information on projects and funding calls, please contact the ACED Manchester team:

Martin Bone, ACED Programme Manager

Ellena Badrick, ACED Project Manager

Stephanie Ng, ACED Project Coordinator


Research Themes

ACED Manchester's research is prioritised across three key research themes and several disease sites.

Training and Development

A core goal at ACED Manchester is to enable the next-generation of early detection research scientists to become future leaders.

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ACED is a £55 million partnership between world-leading early detection institutes and organisations dedicated to improving the early detection of cancer.