Nursing and Allied Health Professional Academic Pathways

Develop your career in healthcare by combining academic research with clinical practice

What is the Nursing and Allied Health Professional Academic Pathway?

This pathway allows nursing and allied health professionals (AHPs) to develop academic careers alongside their current clinical and managerial responsibilities.

The way in which care is delivered is changing, with new models of integrated care emerging in different care settings. Clinical academics can help bridge the gap between healthcare and practice-based research by deploying science directly into busy NHS clinics.


Why choose this pathway?

  • Study at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest and most well-respected cancer research communities in the UK
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and experience to transform the future of healthcare
  • Study alongside your current clinical or managerial role
  • Learn from world-leading researchers and access to cutting edge facilities


Key information

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust has a bespoke Christie Clinical Academic Pathway (CCAP) team supporting combined clinical and research pathways for all clinical staff groups.

The Christie Patient Centred Research (CPCR) team are happy to work with people to develop competitive applications, so please email for support or further information.


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