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Recognising the demand for structured teaching programmes, and funding for high-quality Allied Health Professionals, CRUK RadNet Manchester is the only unit in CRUK’s radiation research network with a dedicated Doctoral Training Academy focused on the development of Allied Health Professionals working in radiotherapy research and designed to offer peer-to-peer education within a large, dynamic environment. Discover more about the Doctoral Academy and the current cohort of Allied Health Professionals.

My project focuses on the rapid translation of delivery of highly precise radiotherapy using advanced radiotherapy (RT) platforms, specifically the magnetic resonance guided linear accelerator (MR-Linac).

The ability to work on the MR Linac, the potential for future extension into proton beam therapy as well as the proposed supervisors being known leaders within their field internationally, all drew me to this project.

Mairead Daly

PhD student in the AHP Doctoral Academy

A Doctoral Academy to train Research Allied Health Professionals

There is a strong need for radiographers, both therapeutic and diagnostic, pharmacists and nurses to obtain the relevant research training. Moreover, it is vital they are able to integrate into a multi-disciplinary, multi-profession team with access to state-of the art technology.


Recognising this fundamental need, CRUK RadNet Manchester established the Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Doctoral Academy to provide prospective students with the opportunities to develop in-depth research programmes and gain the training they need for professional development in salaried opportunities.


This academy leverages our critical mass of experienced and world-leading radiation researchers in radiobiology, applied physics and clinical trials development as well as the rich and vibrant ecosystem dedicated to the training and development of prospective cancer researchers. Building on this expertise, researchers also have access to a suite of radiotherapy equipment. Manchester is one of only two places worldwide that provides both Proton Beam Therapy and MR-Linac treatments.

Meet PhD Student Mairead Daly

Máiréad Daly speaks about her project looking at how physiological processes like breathing or digestion affect the delivery of radiotherapy. (Duration: 2:37)

Mairead Daly in the OCRB


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