ACED-Funded PhD Students

In 2021, Manchester launched an Early Detection Student Workshop series with monthly interactive sessions covering a diverse range of topics, spanning across from cancer early detection techniques to enhancing communication skills.

Planned sessions also include patient and public engagement, managing data and research material, post-doctoral opportunities and utilising social media to promote research.

Jiarun Cao headshot

Jiarun Cao

PhD Project: Neural information extraction for literature-based discovery of cancer mechanisms


Supervisor: Prof. Sophia Ananiadou


Read about Jiarun’s Research

Jennifer Davies-Oliveira headshot

Jennifer Davies-Oliveira

PhD Project: Urinary HPV testing for cervical cancer screening


Supervisor: Prof. Emma Crosbie


Read more about Jennifer’s work investigating how a urine test could provide a non-invasive alternative to a smear test.

Victoria Gernedl headshot

Victoria Geredl

PhD Project: The COX-2 associated inflammatory pathway as a potential biomarker for early detection in lung cancer


Supervisor: Prof. Caroline Dive

Alis Hales headshot

Alis Hales

PhD Project: Developing ex vivo models for breast cancer – understanding the link between tissue mechanics, genetic instability and cancer initiation


Supervisor: Dr Andrew Gilmore


Read about Alis’ Research

Helen Hayes headshot

Helen Hayes

PhD Project: Economic issues in the delivery and organisation of services for early detection of cancer


Supervisor: Prof. Matt Sutton

Seung Hyun Lee headshot

Seung Hyun Lee

PhD Project: A digital pathology atlas for pancreatic precancer lesions


Supervisor: Dr Claus Jørgensen


Cancer Research UK Manchester Centre | ACED-Funded PhD Students

Aysha Khan

PhD Project: Factors influencing uptake of breast cancer screening in ethnic minority groups residing in Greater Manchester (GM)


Supervisor: Prof. Janelle Yorke

Emmanouela Mitta headshot

Emmanouela Mitta

PhD Project: Development of a 3D in vitro lung cancer model to track genetic instability


Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Cartmell


Read more about Emmanouela’s research developing a 3D in vitro lung cancer model to track genetic instability.

Niall Mahon headshot

Niall Mahon

PhD Project: Designing functional 3D scaffolds for cancer early detection


Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Saiani


Eleanor Roberts headshot

Eleanor Roberts

PhD Project: Defining Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Young Women


Supervisor: Dr Sacha Howell


Training and Development

A core goal at ACED Manchester is to enable the next-generation of early detection research scientists to become future leaders.

Research Themes

ACED Manchester's research is prioritised across three key research themes and several disease sites.

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