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In 2019, The University of Manchester was made a founding member of the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED), a new £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU, University College London and the University of Manchester.

Collaboration and training lie at the heart of the Alliance, with member partners encouraged to work together to develop new initiatives and ideas in early detection research. More information about the Alliance's goals and aims can be found on CRUK's ACED website.


ACED in Manchester

Manchester has a rich heritage in prevention and early detection research, from the discovery of novel biomarkers that help diagnose and detect cancer sooner, to modelling how cancer develops and understanding the risks that lead to people developing cancer.

Led by Professor Robert Bristow and Professor Gareth Evans, ACED in Manchester aims to build on this heritage and leverage the pre-exisiting strengths of the Manchester eco-system to deliver novel innovations in prevention and early detection research.

Our programmes of research will look to expand lung and breast screening to seek those in our community who are most at risk of developing cancer and provide curative treatment earlier. In addition, in collaboration with our advanced manufacturing facilities at The University of Manchester, our researchers are investigating and modelling how cancer develops from a pre-cancerous cells to early stages of cancer. 

We are also investing in our future researchers, with ACED funding several PhD students to work on novel research across the CRUK Manchester Centre and CRUK Manchester Institute.


Funding calls

The Alliance has allocated over £10 million to fund new and innovative projects, and offer Alliance members opportunities to participate in projects, pilot programmes or skills and trainign awards. Projects must be of relevance to the key achievements and milestones of the Alliance, and involve at least one Alliance partner.

Find out more details about the funding calls available and the deadlines on our dedicated Funding page.

Find additional resources to support your funding application on our dedicated Funding Resources page.


ACED Summer School

Manchester has been selected to host the Third Annual ACED Summer School in 2021. The theme for the 2021 Summer School focuses on
‘Taking Testing to the People: Reimagining Screening in a post COVID era’.

We aim to deliver a rich scientific programme that discusses the challenges and opportunities in designing future screening and early detection programmes. Set in the landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, our sessions aim to cover topics including: regulatory oversight; risk stratification; testing, developing and deploying inclusive screening strategies; digital/data health strategies; and population and institutional barriers in early detection science.

You can find out more information on our dedicated Summer School website.


Contact us

For further information on projects and funding calls, please contact the ACED Manchester team:

Martin Bone, ACED Programme Manager
E: martin.bone@manchester.ac.uk 

Ellena Badrick, Research Associate
E: ellena.badrick@manchester.ac.uk

Nicole Davis, ACED Project Coordinator
E: nicole.davies@manchester.ac.uk