Dr Pedro Oliveira

Pedro Oliveira

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Consultant in Histopathology


Dr Pedro Manuel Lino Soares de Oliveira was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1962. He graduated from the University of Lisbon Medical School in 1986 and trained in anatomic pathology at the Lisbon Cancer Institute. During his residency, he spent 9 months at MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Mayo Clinic. Dr Oliveira’s previous experience includes:

  • Consultant at Lisbon Cancer Centre from 1994 till 2006
  • Consultant in anatomic pathology from 2006 till 2016 at Hospital da Luz, Lisboa
  • Lecturer in anatomic pathology at Nova Medical School in Lisbon from 1996 till 2011
  • President of the College of Portuguese Pathologists from 2011 till 2014
  • Member of the USCAP, European Society of Pathology and International Society of Urological Pathology
  • Associate member of the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath)

His main research and publications are focused on uropathology predominantly prostate and penile pathology. He is currently developing within the MCRC with David Wedge and Robert Bristow the new Academic Pathology Unit collaborating actively with the different research groups and in the optimization of the collection of human specimens for the cancer research areas of MCRC. He is currently actively involved in the conception and development of the future Rapid Warm Autopsy Facility at MCRC.