Introducing our 2023-2024 Postgraduate Researcher Representatives

We’re excited to introduce our three newly appointed Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) Representatives for the 2023-20204 academic year.

Our dedicated PGR Representatives are on hand for current postgraduate researchers. Their role is to help address any concerns you may have, share your feedback with the CRUK Manchester Centre and Manchester Cancer Research Centre, and offer guidance on navigating a PhD.

Feel free to reach out to them throughout the academic year. They are here to support you, ensure your voice is heard, and help make your postgraduate experience the best it can be.

Meet your 2023-2024 PGR Reps

MB-PhD PGR Representative

Jean Ling Tan headshot

Name: Jean Ling Tan

Title: MB-PhD PGR Representative

PhD programme: MB-PhD in Cancer Sciences

Lead Supervisor: Professor Stephen Taylor

Location: Withington Campus, Oglesby Cancer Research Building

Background: I joined the MB-PhD after completing three out of five years of the MB ChB programme at The University of Manchester. I am currently in the second year of my PhD, researching paclitaxel resistance in ovarian cancer. I am also passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and am also one of the MCRC’s EDI reps. If you would like to have a chat about EDI or your MB-PhD experience please feel free to get in touch.

Things I’m happy to discuss: your experiences on the (MB)PhD programme, any feedback you would like to provide, PhD advice, being an international student

Email address:


Clinical Research Training Fellowship PGR Representative

Name: Ash Horne

Title: Clinical Research Training Fellowship PGR Representative

PhD Programme: CRUK-funded Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Lead Supervisor: Professor Corinne Faivre Finn

Location: Christie Campus: Radiotherapy Related Research, 1st Floor Paterson Building

Background: I completed my Clinical Oncology training in Edinburgh and moved to Manchester to start my clinical research post in October 2021. My PhD project involves running an observational study, recruiting patients with lung cancer undergoing radiotherapy. I am collecting and analysing a range of patient and tumour data, including bloods for circulating tumour DNA.

Things I’m happy to discuss: issues you’re encountering, advice about getting your research project started, and about different aspects of research progression during your PhD

Email address:


Non-Clinical PhD Studentship PGR Representative

Name: Charlotte Mellor

Title: Non-Clinical PhD Studentship PGR Representative

PhD Programme: Non-Clinical PhD in Cancer Sciences

Lead Supervisor: Dr Andrew Gilmore

Location: Oxford Road Campus

Background: After completing my MSci in Medical Biochemistry at The University of Manchester, I joined to MCRC to start my Non-Clinical PhD in Cancer Sciences. My project is looking at apoptosis, or cell death, particularly the role that proteins play in mitochondrial priming.

Things I’m happy to discuss: feedback you’d like to provide to the MCRC, ideas you’d like to be considered, or ways you think things can be improved

Email address:


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