Multiparametric Investigation in Lung Nodules

An ACED Pilot Research Project

Multiparametric Investigation and Stratification of Indeterminate Lung Nodules MISIL1

Lead 1: Dr Frank McCaughan, University of Cambridge

Lead 2: Dr Phil Crosbie, University of Manchester



CRUK Cambridge Institute: Dr Nitzan Rosenfeld

University of Cambridge: Dr Robert Rintoul, Dr Clare Harris, Dr Mikel McKie, Dr James Nathan

University of Manchester: Prof. Caroline Dive, Prof. Tony Whetton


Project Summary

Lung cancer kills more patients than any other cancer. It is now clear that CT scans of the chest have a major role to play in detecting lung cancer earlier. One issue with CT scans is that we will detect lots of small lung shadows of uncertain significance – that is, we will not be clear whether they are cancers or not. We call these types of shadows indeterminate lung nodules.

The purpose of this project is to ask whether a blood test or spit sample could be used to define whether the nodules are cancers or not. This type of test is called a biomarker.

To date most reported studies in early lung cancer have tested one type of biomarker because individual laboratories and companies generally have expertise in only one type of biomarker.

We now want to compare those biomarkers in the same patient to understand which works the best in early lung cancer and whether some can be combined to create an even better biomarker.

This project is an early or “pilot” project but it is important because it will do the testing in exactly the patient groups that biomarkers need to work in if they are to detect lung cancer early. It also demonstrates that scientists can collaborate even when the answer may be that their “favourite” biomarker is not the best in a certain situation. If it is successful it will lead to much bigger studies in which we can look for a definitive answer to which is the best biomarker test for early lung cancer.


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